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Volume Plus

I bought the Morley Volume Plus. I like it. I was looking specifically for a pedal with a Minimum Volume control (I could afford). I actually got the Boss FV500 and while it had a minimum volume and tension control for the treadle (cool feature), the minimum volume was not adjustable within a usable range – all the way down it was only about 85% volume – I’m using it for “lead/rhythm” so I need it to be adjustable from like 65% to 99% (so there’d be some adjustability). When I bought the Morley volume plus it did the same thing – didn’t go quiet enough with the knob all the way down. But here’s the kicker – the Morley is adjustable – it works on an LED that shines on a receptor inside – all you have to do is adjust the LED closer or further from the sensor to adjust the pedal – you can adjust both the maximum volume (to a point) and how low the minimum setting of the min vol goes (pretty far down).

So far, it seems like a “good workingman’s pedal” and at the price was a good deal considering the adjustability and the features. If it lasts as long as the old one I have, it will be money well spent.