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Acoustic Guitar For Beginner

My neighbor have gone to guitar center last  saturday to buy his son his first acoustic. Before they went to the store, my neighbor asked me for recommendations on some acoustics I already own. I recommended to my neighbor to buy his son an Ibanez Acoustic because it has decent tone.I It’s decent enough to play songs with in the $200-$350 range. The  guitar center saturday hours  they open at 10:00 am and closes earlier the usual, at 8:00 pm.

I also advised my neighbor that you want something you feel comfortable playing. If you are new to the acoustic world, this might be awkward, so I suggested sitting down with candidate guitars and getting a feel for them. Everyone has different taste, and of course price is a constraint. My personal first acoustic was a Washburn D10SB. I liked this guitar because of the action on it. It was easy to play for someone who didn’t have strong fingers. Take those guitars mentioned into consideration they are nice. My suggestion sit down and feel what feels right.