Percussion Instruments

I have recently realized what an excellent set of percussion instruments are available with the standard K5 library but cannot find any midi files that demonstrate the capabilities to full extent. I am not a percussionist but realize that with ~40 articulations for Congas alone there is huge potential for realistic percussion instruments performances if someone with the appropriate knowledge is able to capture some midi performances. A friend advised me to invest in a pad controller (e.g. Korg nanoPad, all the way up to the bigger units like Korg’s padKontrol or the equivalent Akai ones, or NI’s Maschine) as you’ll find percussion is much more playable fromaa pad controller compared to a keyboard.

(With a keyboard you are always waiting for the key to rebound before you can strike it again, which isn’t authentic to how percussion normally works. With a pad controller, it’s more “true to life.”)

You will still spend a little time mapping the pad controller.

Also here are some everyday objects used by musicians.

1) Striking a propane tank. (make SURE that it is empty first)

2) Striking brake drums (not while they are on the car)

3) Samples taken while striking a large stainless steel salad bowl.

4) Striking a brass flywheel from a tape recorder.

5) The sound of a basketball hitting the floor in a gym. This is sampled tuned and triggered.

Here are a few that I know are cool but never used.

1) The bell housing from an engine/transmission. Many are aluminum and ring real loud.

percussion instruments

percussion instruments

percussion instruments


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