Music Man Guitar

jpxi musicmanI never really gave them much thought for a long time. I knew Steve Morse had a signature model that I wanted desperately on an emotional level, I played one and I fell in love with it. Perfect neck shape and electronics layout, and best sound for the rest of my rig.
Since then, I’ve played most of their different models of music man guitar and basses and found them all to be outstanding. The Luke, the Albert Lee, the Silhouette and the Axis are unique and outstanding in their own way. I played a John Petrucci for five minutes and knew it was the guitar for me. I have great respect for Petrucci and have enjoyed his playing a great deal over the years, but I wouldn’t say I’m a rabid fan (I’m more a fan of the people that HE’S a fan of)…but damn can he design a guitar. I’ve now got two a six-year old fairly plain-jane one and a six month old JPXI-6. I’d hate to ever have to get rid of any of the guitars I’ve amassed over the years, but if I had to pick one that could do everything it would be the Petrucci in a heartbeat.


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