How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking

Pet Safe CitronellaCitronella collars have been proven twice as effective as the bark collars that deliver a shock, I recommend starting with that if you are asking how do I stop my dog from barking? The shock collars are not cruel when used correctly. There is no pain involved to those who think they hurt a dog, try a shock collar on yourself, they should never hurt, they direct the dog’s attention to something other than barking.

Your dog is barking while you are away from home, or that your dog is kept outdoors. Do not listen to advice telling you to tell your dog ”no” when he/she is barking. This reinforces the barking behavior by giving him/her the attention he/she is barking to get, and will only make the problem worse.

Getting the collar could save you a lot of money in “barking dog” fines and ensure that your dog gets to keep his home.


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