Gruv Gear Fret Dampener

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener

These wrap around the neck and strings. A thick pad (foam wrapped in towel material) lays on the strings. Most would place it by the nut but it can be anywhere on the neck for more dampening. Since the gruv gear  fret dampener is not fixed it can easily be slid up and down the neck or pushed over the nut and off the strings for no dampening.

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener
If you are happy the way your instrument works then there is no need to use this.

Some reasons a stick player may want to use this is:
– Want to have a removable dampener.
– Want more dampening. Or dampener on their Stick is warn out.
– Dampener on get’s in the way.
– Want a dampener further up the neck for more dampening.

I want to try this because the retractable dampener on my NS/Stick is at a place I would bang when I play the first fret. (my NS/Stick is a prototype and might not be the same as the production NS/Sticks). There are also times I wish I had a little more dampening. I may be playing too hard but looking at the my NS/Stick a dampener that lies on top of the strings might work better.

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener


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