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Sliding Door Gear for Apartments

OVIS is thhe best cabinet hardware, cabinet organizers and woodworking supplies for the professional, hobbyist and homeowner, in my opinion. They have pretty much everything, and what they don’t have (a rare occurrence) they can order.

People used to say that they’re expensive but actually they’re not – pretty much competitive with any supplier and often beat them price-wise. The main thing is they pretty much always have it, whether it’s latches and catches, sliding door gear for apartments, shelf supports, abrasives, wood veneers, corner braces, egdebanding, cabinet hinges. etc. They also have great customer service! Attentive and friendly.

apartment sliding doorapartment sliding doorapartment sliding door


Burlap Tablecloths

Havana Faux Design Burlap

A lot of Havana faux inspiration is here – the designer burlap tablecloths, the vase and its flowers, the fruit vases, and the aged wood finish on the chairs.

You can argue, and correctly,  that we have been doing that for centuries, and we have.  However, the objects that were used were made exclusively for export and have a far more elaborate and sophisticated form and finish.



Cabinet Organizer

cabinet organizerA lot of cabinet companies use Rev-a-Shelf products in their cabinet lines. Rev-a-Shelf can be found online, ebay, etc. Check for sales at the online kitchen organizing stores like Ovis Online. Sometimes they’ll run sales or have free shipping. Just click the link to visit their website.

Decide on what you need now and what you can add later. It might be spice organizers, cutlery/utensil dividers, pull out garbage at first and maybe add the “nice to have” items later.