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Egnater Tweaker

The Egnater Tweaker is a cool little amp. I also purchased a year ago a 15 watt version  egnater tweaker at, though in head form. It is certainly loud on its own, and the volume on that is really good.  I’ve blended mine using both the “AC” and “Brit” modes with another amp but prefer the Brit mode since I can get a good midrange out of it. I think it sounds awesome with my les paul.


Sterling Audio ST69

This is a multi-pattern tube condensor mic.

Sterling AUdio ST69

The switch that has a 0db -10db markings is just a attenuator.
Set to 0 db means full output and -10db means that the output is reduced by 10 db. The switch marked – /- is a low frequency roll off switch. Set to – means that the full frequency of MF’s recording mic is being sent to the preamp and set to /- means that lower (bass) frequencies are being reduced at the output.

Sterling AUdio ST69

Sterling AUdio ST69

The three position switch controls the polar pattern of the mic.
The 0 position is the omni mode and the mic hears sounds equally from all sides.
The 8 mode (figure 8) picks up sound equally from both from and back, but rejects sounds at both sides of the mic.
The last one is the cardiod mode and the mic picks up sound best from the front and rejects sounds from both sides and the back.

I would suggest googling “microphone polar patterns” to learn more about the uses for each pattern. If the mic came with a manual, that should also help.



Musicians Friend Catalog

It is one of my favorite  place to shop. I love their prices plus , I’ve bought a guitar and tons of other stuff through them. And I know friends who have bought gear from them, all in great condition.

Only problem I’ve had is Backordered stuff. But, with the amount of business they do it doesn’t surprise me.  You can also sign-up for musicians friend catalog to start taking advantage of all the fantastic benefits.

musicians friendmusicians friend gibson


Joy Jewelers Stackable Expressions

I always have a great experience at Joy Jewelers. My first purchase was a few years ago, when my mom and I were cheekily searching for the perfect engagement ring. They have a ton of different settings and explained that they could do custom work, as well — as an added bonus, if you don’t absolutely love your setting, they explained that they would take it back as their own inventory until the setting was just right. An awesome privilege for picky people.

I got new Joy Jewelers stackable expressions from them. They delivered really great work in addition to amazing service! In addition to the great service I received, I also observed how helpful and attentive they were to other customers. I will definitely be going to them exclusively now.

stackable expressions stackable expressionsStackable Expressions


Percussion Instruments

I have recently realized what an excellent set of percussion instruments are available with the standard K5 library but cannot find any midi files that demonstrate the capabilities to full extent. I am not a percussionist but realize that with ~40 articulations for Congas alone there is huge potential for realistic percussion instruments performances if someone with the appropriate knowledge is able to capture some midi performances. A friend advised me to invest in a pad controller (e.g. Korg nanoPad, all the way up to the bigger units like Korg’s padKontrol or the equivalent Akai ones, or NI’s Maschine) as you’ll find percussion is much more playable fromaa pad controller compared to a keyboard.

(With a keyboard you are always waiting for the key to rebound before you can strike it again, which isn’t authentic to how percussion normally works. With a pad controller, it’s more “true to life.”)

You will still spend a little time mapping the pad controller.

Also here are some everyday objects used by musicians.

1) Striking a propane tank. (make SURE that it is empty first)

2) Striking brake drums (not while they are on the car)

3) Samples taken while striking a large stainless steel salad bowl.

4) Striking a brass flywheel from a tape recorder.

5) The sound of a basketball hitting the floor in a gym. This is sampled tuned and triggered.

Here are a few that I know are cool but never used.

1) The bell housing from an engine/transmission. Many are aluminum and ring real loud.

percussion instruments

percussion instruments

percussion instruments


Sliding Door Gear for Apartments

OVIS is thhe best cabinet hardware, cabinet organizers and woodworking supplies for the professional, hobbyist and homeowner, in my opinion. They have pretty much everything, and what they don’t have (a rare occurrence) they can order.

People used to say that they’re expensive but actually they’re not – pretty much competitive with any supplier and often beat them price-wise. The main thing is they pretty much always have it, whether it’s latches and catches, sliding door gear for apartments, shelf supports, abrasives, wood veneers, corner braces, egdebanding, cabinet hinges. etc. They also have great customer service! Attentive and friendly.

apartment sliding doorapartment sliding doorapartment sliding door


DJ Equipment Speakers

DJ Equipment Speakers

I’d take the JBL PRX735 over the QSC KW153. I find that the JBL PRX line has better sounding limiters than all of the QSC K and KW series stuff. They kind of squelch the sound more at the loudest (near clipping) volume levels, whereas the PRX dj equipment speakers stuff sounds smoother even close to clipping. The K and KW stuff does have a clear and airy sound at low to moderate volume levels. The PRX735 is about 10 lbs lighter and has fans on the amps to keep them cool.

JBL DJ Equipment Speakers

I started with active speakers by EV’s went to Yorkvilles and now JBL’s in the past 7 years. If you’re a DJ every weekend sometimes doing doubles, it will get heavy, and the DJing becomes work, not fun and enjoyable. The EV zxa5 are very heavy, QSC KW sound very good but they are heavy too. I’m on the line with JBL PRX 700 series because they are light, durable and have a very good Punch. I purchased them the end of july 2013 and they are great.

JBL PRX 700 Series


JBL Loudspeakers

PA speakers are not designed for production and mastering. They’re designed to go loud. If bass is important to you then a sub is needed. 100 people absorb alot of sound.

JBL EON 615 1000 Watt Powered 15inches Two-way Loudspeaker System with Bluetooth Control
That’s why you want quality jbl loudspeakers with easy to get parts when broken. Behringer has horrible service, so buy from a good dealership. Behringer have reasonable sound but can die on you anytime. Parts are hard to get. If you push these speakers a bit, there’s a audible hiss, but it won’t get better. 50-60 people you can manage with these speakers as long as you don’t push them too hard.

i have the JBL EON 615 1000 Watt Powered 15″ Two-way Loudspeaker System with Bluetooth Control . I love ’em. They’re the ones that are top sellers. Never had any complaints, except from the neighbors.

JBL EON 615 1000 Watt Powered 15inches Two-way Loudspeaker System with Bluetooth Control



Event WiFi pricing

At this point, it is simply assumed that you will have an internet connection available at your event. In fact, there are many venues that have installed hard-wired technology into their facilities. Unfortunately, these can be expensive, and they can be very difficult to upgrade. As a result, they might only be as current as the date on which they were installed. Because they are also often the default for many participants, they can also be overwhelmed with traffic that they weren’t designed to handle.

event wifi

A better choice will be the rental of internet solutions for your event. While event WiFi pricing can vary, rental is almost always less expensive than the facility WiFi. And because rental equipment is portable it can easily be updated so that it is always current.

Trade Show Internet offers services for internet rental across the country for both event wide internet and for small solutions to accommodate a few users. See what they can provide at


Gruv Gear Fret Dampener

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener

These wrap around the neck and strings. A thick pad (foam wrapped in towel material) lays on the strings. Most would place it by the nut but it can be anywhere on the neck for more dampening. Since the gruv gear  fret dampener is not fixed it can easily be slid up and down the neck or pushed over the nut and off the strings for no dampening.

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener
If you are happy the way your instrument works then there is no need to use this.

Some reasons a stick player may want to use this is:
– Want to have a removable dampener.
– Want more dampening. Or dampener on their Stick is warn out.
– Dampener on get’s in the way.
– Want a dampener further up the neck for more dampening.

I want to try this because the retractable dampener on my NS/Stick is at a place I would bang when I play the first fret. (my NS/Stick is a prototype and might not be the same as the production NS/Sticks). There are also times I wish I had a little more dampening. I may be playing too hard but looking at the my NS/Stick a dampener that lies on top of the strings might work better.

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener