Monthly Archives: September 2016

E-18 Martin Electric Guitar

A friend of mine have an E-18. These guitars were, in fact, made in the USA right there in Nazareth. His E-18 actually plays better, sounds better, and stays in tune better than most Fender Strats and Les Pauls I’ve played that were made around the same time. With the built in coil taps and phase switch it’s far more versatile than competing instruments of that vintage. How long did it take Gibson to catch up and offer these features on standard guitars?  Yeah — the martin electric guitar were ahead of their time.  One of the most well made electric guitars of it’s time and best neck by far. They only failed due to marketing and brand positioning. If they’d thrown a whammy bar on them, and got some long haired with make-up to play them, things might have went down differently. Good for anything from metal to smooth jazz.