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Pioneer DJ

I just purchased the Pioneer DDJ-T1 controller without the power supply.  I have tested this pioneer dj controller last weekend, it works with and without power supply. The only difference without power supply is, some LED’s are not active.

In my setup with Traktor 2.10.013 the controller worked like a charm, just selected that mapping in the Traktor settings. Actually the controller is absolutely great, but old, new technologies let you digital DJ easier, I use the Gemini G4V and found it better than the T1.

Pioneer DDJ T1

The DDJ-T1 is/was shipped with a special Traktor Pioneer Edition.  It has only a limited
fuctionality and is more a former special Version of the Traktor LE.   There was a limited time period where you had the option to upgrade this license for free to the traktor pro license.

Pioneer DDJ T1

The Pioneer Edition is not a time limited Demo or something like this but everyone who used it would strongly recommend to buy an upgrade to the pro. Several later introduced features like remix decks or the mentioned flux mode are just not implemented. Its HID but Pioneer still got a tsi file with all supported features like using the remix decks.

Pioneer DDJ T1