Monthly Archives: October 2013


I bought a pair of eon 515xt’s a few weeks ago and the first time I used them at a birthday party they rocked! They were super light, a major point for me, as I was used to the Mackie 400s I had used for years. I am probably going to get the subs soon but for that party, the two were just fine. I played all genres of music through them as well as using one wireless and one wired mic. I had everything connected to a Mackie 1202 going to the speakers by the way. So from that experience I was very pleased with the results. They have excellent eon 515xt at guitar center.




For the record Reid Supply Company is a great supplier. I used to be able to get tiny stainless steel screws and nuts at my local hardware store. Unfortunately, they closed that store, so I don’t know if the other hardware stores are carrying that stuff.  Reid have an incredible inventory and great prices. They know their stuff, they are responsive, they want your business, and they always guarantee satisfaction. They deliver the best quality.