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JBL Loudspeakers

PA speakers are not designed for production and mastering. They’re designed to go loud. If bass is important to you then a sub is needed. 100 people absorb alot of sound.

JBL EON 615 1000 Watt Powered 15inches Two-way Loudspeaker System with Bluetooth Control
That’s why you want quality jbl loudspeakers with easy to get parts when broken. Behringer has horrible service, so buy from a good dealership. Behringer have reasonable sound but can die on you anytime. Parts are hard to get. If you push these speakers a bit, there’s a audible hiss, but it won’t get better. 50-60 people you can manage with these speakers as long as you don’t push them too hard.

i have the JBL EON 615 1000 Watt Powered 15″ Two-way Loudspeaker System with Bluetooth Control . I love ’em. They’re the ones that are top sellers. Never had any complaints, except from the neighbors.

JBL EON 615 1000 Watt Powered 15inches Two-way Loudspeaker System with Bluetooth Control


event wifi

Event WiFi pricing

At this point, it is simply assumed that you will have an internet connection available at your event. In fact, there are many venues that have installed hard-wired technology into their facilities. Unfortunately, these can be expensive, and they can be very difficult to upgrade. As a result, they might only be as current as the date on which they were installed. Because they are also often the default for many participants, they can also be overwhelmed with traffic that they weren’t designed to handle.

event wifi

A better choice will be the rental of internet solutions for your event. While event WiFi pricing can vary, rental is almost always less expensive than the facility WiFi. And because rental equipment is portable it can easily be updated so that it is always current.

Trade Show Internet offers services for internet rental across the country for both event wide internet and for small solutions to accommodate a few users. See what they can provide at http://tradeshowinternet.com/products.

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener

Gruv Gear Fret Dampener

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener

These wrap around the neck and strings. A thick pad (foam wrapped in towel material) lays on the strings. Most would place it by the nut but it can be anywhere on the neck for more dampening. Since the gruv gear  fret dampener is not fixed it can easily be slid up and down the neck or pushed over the nut and off the strings for no dampening.

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener
If you are happy the way your instrument works then there is no need to use this.

Some reasons a stick player may want to use this is:
– Want to have a removable dampener.
– Want more dampening. Or dampener on their Stick is warn out.
– Dampener on get’s in the way.
– Want a dampener further up the neck for more dampening.

I want to try this because the retractable dampener on my NS/Stick is at a place I would bang when I play the first fret. (my NS/Stick is a prototype and might not be the same as the production NS/Sticks). There are also times I wish I had a little more dampening. I may be playing too hard but looking at the my NS/Stick a dampener that lies on top of the strings might work better.

gruv gear fret wrap string dampener


Bass Guitar Scales Wall Chart

I don’t think there are any shortcuts. You just have to keep doing it and eventually you will get it. The bottom line is how the chord sounds. You can finger chords a lot of different ways. I don’t use my pinky for the C major. I use my first finger similar to an Am.  I have been struggling with guitar for many years. I work full-time, and play a wind instrument in two bands(soon to be one). I would encourage you to learn a little music theory along the way. When you learn a chord, play each note individually and speak them out loud. I got a chord wall chart and bass guitar scales chart too .  Also, begin to learn the definitions of a major, minor, major 7th, add9, etc. chords. Scales and modes are very helpful too.

Mel Bay Bass Scale ChartBass Scale Chart

Lighting effects

Lighting Effects

Years back I was in a band with no budget. For lights we went to a wholesaler and bought 24 reclaimed recessed ceiling cans for a few bucks a piece. We used conduit clamps on the front of them for gel holders and ladder hangers put together to hang them from a truss made of old TV tower. We used lamp cord and cheap plugs to wire them to a homemade box full of stomp switches. It was done very cheaply and when all said and done, didn’t look that bad with the lights out in a dirty bar. When we made a little money we bought a small light board and dimmer packs and then eventually bought a bunch of chrome PAR 56’s on aluminum tripods.

The first thing to realize when you step into the world of lighting effects is that traditionally, light are going to be your absolute largest power draw- way bigger than your PA, your stage amps, and anything else you can throw up there. In fact, stage lights will draw so much current that most bars won’t be able to support much lighting (if at all). Expect to flip a few breakers.

That said, technology is finally starting to catch up. High efficiency, low wattage bulbs are finally starting to infiltrate (albeit slowly), and LED cans are slowly starting to come up to spec with PAR cans, and with far less power consumption. Unfortunately, the price is often prohibitive.

Lighting effectsLighting effects




Zara taps a series of models that include Alexander Beck, Charlie Timms, Lars Burmeister, Jacob Coupe, Ben Allen, Rutger Schoone, Robbie Wadge, Karl Morrall, Guy Robinson and Matvey Lykov for a look at its latest spring arrivals. Offering a variety of men’s separates, everything from graphic t-shirts and striped knitwear to textured jackets come together with a modern attitude. Laid-back in nature, the pieces serve up a comfortable factor while also maintaining a contemporary style standard.


Edwin Jagger safety razor

Edwin Jagger Razors

I have been using my EJ DE89 for a month now and I cannot say enough good things about it. I am getting better than a DFS with 3 passes; if I want BBS all I need to do is a little touch up. No nicks, no irritation, just great shaves. I have been using Derbys and Feathers. I now have two of these razors, one for travel and one for home. As has been said by others, this is a RAD killer. I have stopped rotating through my other razors and have to decide whether I am going to keep them or sell them. Certainly none of my other razors shave as well as this EJ DE89.

Edwin Jagger DE89


Genz-Benz Amplifiers

I owned one for 4-5 years. Great, versatile amp. The cleans are amazing and NEVER break-up, reverb is plentiful and great sounding.

The mids are very unique, which  a lot of people like few like. Use them sparingly and it sounds amazing.

Great crunch and very good high-gain tones too. The active EQ is very sweet and touchy so zero-ing on a tone you love can take some time. It’s, IMHO, a very very cool amp and I miss the Genz-Benz Amplifiers from time to time for its sheer versatility.

I bought mine for 470$, which was a steal back then, I assume right now it’s pretty much the same. They used to go for 2100$ new where I lived back then, just to give you an idea.

Genz Benz El Diablo



Burlap Tablecloths

Havana Faux Design Burlap

A lot of Havana faux inspiration is here – the designer burlap tablecloths, the vase and its flowers, the fruit vases, and the aged wood finish on the chairs.

You can argue, and correctly,  that we have been doing that for centuries, and we have.  However, the objects that were used were made exclusively for export and have a far more elaborate and sophisticated form and finish.



Pedal Steel Guitar

Asher Guitars & Lap Steels Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel Guitar

There are a ton of opinions online about pedal steel guitar but I think all will agree that it is critical that your guitar be mechanically sound and stay in tune. There is nothing more frustrating then trying to learn a new musical instrument on a piece of junk.

The pedal steel guitar by Asher Guitars which is the Electro Hawaiian Junior is one of the best out there . All of the Asher guitars are just fine to start on if you choose this path. Personally, I do not recommend buying a starter instrument. I would choose a used S-10 with a minimum of three floor pedals and four knee levers before buying a starter type guitar. I feel that this will save you money in the long run. I would suggest staying away from the Maverick, Red Baron, and Little Buddy guitars. These are old student models from Sho-Bud, MSA, and Emmons. There are folks who would argue in favor of these, but in my opinion, they are far more trouble than they are worth.

There are many gems available in the used guitar market. Some of the older guitars are quite acceptable and excellent bargains. The mainstream steels of current manufacture are often found used, but generally command a higher price. These include Emmons, Mullen, Zum, Carter, Sierra, Remington, Williams, GFI, Derby, Franklin, JCH and Fessendon. All of these steels have their fans… as well as their detractors.

New steel guitars are expensive but may be custom ordered to your preference. All of the current manufactures make quality guitars. Some like Zum and Franklin have a nearly one year wait from time of order. Emmons has weathered a tough period following ownership upheaval but currently is doing fine and making some of the finest guitars in their history. The Carter folks are the volume leaders in sales and have a wonderful website with excellent information on the steel guitar. The Fessendon guitars seem to be a popular instrument which has a very nice price. Gene Fields is making a very well constructed guitar, the GFI. As you can see, there are a ton of choices available. It boils down to your own taste and financial means.