Dreadneck Shredneck

I have about 4 Shrednecks and I take them every where! I use them on the phone or even now surfing the web. I drive with them on long trips and my callous are massive as well as finger strength when I get home. 3 hrs and your fingers are Hercules! I practice bends and scales. Picking when I don’t drive. Fits in a shoulder bag and can be played even on a airplane with no one knowing. 16 inches long-pack it every, any where The dreadneck from guitar center is more for guys that have played for some time and do not need to hear the actual note. It’s a practice tool and exercise device that feels like a guitar neck. I make up exercises for my self on weak fingers. I love the “Dreadneck”.SONY DSC

Wedding Ring

wedding ringA wedding ring symbolises your eternal love. It has no end. A complete circle. It only goes on the ring finger because there is a blood vessel going from that finger straight to your heart. The ancient Greeks called it the love vessel. Usually the only people who were it round their necks are widows/widowers but then if your wife is ok with it that’s all that matters. Click here for a wedding ring for your bride.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking

Pet Safe CitronellaCitronella collars have been proven twice as effective as the bark collars that deliver a shock, I recommend starting with that if you are asking how do I stop my dog from barking? The shock collars are not cruel when used correctly. There is no pain involved to those who think they hurt a dog, try a shock collar on yourself, they should never hurt, they direct the dog’s attention to something other than barking.

Your dog is barking while you are away from home, or that your dog is kept outdoors. Do not listen to advice telling you to tell your dog ”no” when he/she is barking. This reinforces the barking behavior by giving him/her the attention he/she is barking to get, and will only make the problem worse.

Getting the collar could save you a lot of money in “barking dog” fines and ensure that your dog gets to keep his home.

Music Man Guitar

jpxi musicmanI never really gave them much thought for a long time. I knew Steve Morse had a signature model that I wanted desperately on an emotional level, I played one and I fell in love with it. Perfect neck shape and electronics layout, and best sound for the rest of my rig.
Since then, I’ve played most of their different models of music man guitar and basses and found them all to be outstanding. The Luke, the Albert Lee, the Silhouette and the Axis are unique and outstanding in their own way. I played a John Petrucci for five minutes and knew it was the guitar for me. I have great respect for Petrucci and have enjoyed his playing a great deal over the years, but I wouldn’t say I’m a rabid fan (I’m more a fan of the people that HE’S a fan of)…but damn can he design a guitar. I’ve now got two a six-year old fairly plain-jane one and a six month old JPXI-6. I’d hate to ever have to get rid of any of the guitars I’ve amassed over the years, but if I had to pick one that could do everything it would be the Petrucci in a heartbeat.

Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Yeti MicrophoneThe Yeti is probably the best USB microphone you can get, certainly under £100. It is considered to be better than the blue snowball. The blue yeti microphone also is superior in sound quality, but does not have a shock mount available for it. I would recommend getting shock mounts with any condenser microphone, they may be another expense to pay but it means that it won’t sound like you’re making dubstep if you place something on your desk.

Cabinet Organizer

cabinet organizerA lot of cabinet companies use Rev-a-Shelf products in their cabinet lines. Rev-a-Shelf can be found online, ebay, etc. Check for sales at the online kitchen organizing stores like Ovis Online. Sometimes they’ll run sales or have free shipping. Just click the link to visit their website.

Decide on what you need now and what you can add later. It might be spice organizers, cutlery/utensil dividers, pull out garbage at first and maybe add the “nice to have” items later.


I bought a pair of eon 515xt’s a few weeks ago and the first time I used them at a birthday party they rocked! They were super light, a major point for me, as I was used to the Mackie 400s I had used for years. I am probably going to get the subs soon but for that party, the two were just fine. I played all genres of music through them as well as using one wireless and one wired mic. I had everything connected to a Mackie 1202 going to the speakers by the way. So from that experience I was very pleased with the results. They have excellent eon 515xt at guitar center.



For the record Reid Supply Company is a great supplier. I used to be able to get tiny stainless steel screws and nuts at my local hardware store. Unfortunately, they closed that store, so I don’t know if the other hardware stores are carrying that stuff.  Reid have an incredible inventory and great prices. They know their stuff, they are responsive, they want your business, and they always guarantee satisfaction. They deliver the best quality.